Multiple benefits of drone video in Melbourne

Drone videos are becoming very popular. Instead of indulging your viewer into an ocean of photographs it would be more convenient that you upload an aerial view of your resort. Uploading pictures of outdoor, poolside, balcony or playing area could be cluttered, but one aerial view can increase your popularity. Drone video can also be used for Geo-mapping, big events, tracking the progess of construction sites, corporate promotions, land surveys, archaeology, 3D modeling, music festivals and much more. You can hire professionals for drone video in Melbourne.


Listed below are some of the benefits of using a drone:

  • Versatile: A drone is amazingly versatile, as it can be easily used in environments where there is no possibility of using a helicopter. You can take your radio control drones on low altitudes, built-up areas and even livestock can be captured with it. It unleashes all manner of opportunities and you can achieve angles at any height.
  • Environmentally friendly: Battery powered drones create zero emissions. It makes them an environmentally friendly device. Drones create minimal noise and no downwash. Video drones can be used near inhabited areas, near livestock, and other noise sensitive environments.
  • Affordable: Photography is much more accessible and low budget with drones. You don’t need to hire, a helicopter full of the crew if you want to take aerial image or video. Drones offer significant savings and pro results. You can professionally work on low budgets.
  • GPS: There are many drones with built-in GPS technology. This helps to reach the destination efficiently and quickly. You can also tag image and footage to track, record and monitor locations.
  • Manageable: Drones can easily be transferred because of their manageable size and design. You can simply pack it up and take it to the desired location. The re-assembling process of drones are effort- less and hassle- free.

Drones have made our life easier. Drones are useful in many areas such as:

Disaster relief:

We can easily assess the area hardest hit by a natural disaster like flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Natural disasters make it dangerous and impossible to travel by land. Drone videos are also being used by NGOs and humanitarian services to deliver water, food, and medicine where there are unreachable victims.

News footage:

Drones are increasingly being used by citizens and journalists to report the news. These are used footage from the areas of war, disaster, conflicts, accidents and civil upheaval. Drone video offers journalist safe working distance from dangerous situations. It can be carried easily and quickly at the scene of a report by a camera operator. It is less expensive as compared to piloted helicopters.

Electrical and pipeline inspections:

Drone video can be used to inspect electrical lines, towers, gas or oil pipelines and pumping stations. The routine inspections are very expensive and can put inspectors and the pilot’s life in danger. So it is advisable to opt for drone videos.

Security purpose:

It would be more cost effective to hire one security officer with a drone that can quickly cover a  large area instead of hiring 8 to 9 security officers.  Companies that cover 150 acres or above can opt for a drone to make videos for security purpose. Drones can reach quickly than a man power.
Drone videos can be used in other industries such as a real estate, sports event, wedding, resort and hotel advertising, precision agriculture, micro job video sites, feature film making and much more. To make your video stand out against your competitor’s video you can get the service of drone video in Melbourne.