People Around The Globe Share A Love For Jelly Beans

Nobody can get enough of jelly beans. These old-fashioned candies are a favorite for a lot of us since childhood. These candies are a bean sized crusty shell with a chewy soft center. These candies are a major hit around the globe and can be a good treat to anyone who likes a sweet adventure.

The flavors are available in a wide range from fruity to spicy and beer to vomit.  Kids like cherry, bubble-gum, tutti fruity, blueberry, green apple, sour apple, watermelon and all other fruity flavors. Grownups opt for the coconut, licorice, buttered popcorn, juicy pear, strawberry daiquiri, Champagne, maple syrup, pancakes beer, ginger ale and much much more.

Jelly beans are of a great use, many people use it around the globe during festivals and other occasions such as:

  • In the early 90’s jelly beans were used for Christmas, but as it resembles egg they become essential in an Easter basket. These are associated with the Easter bunny, it is given as a sign of spring season and a new life. The second most popular time to eat these candies is Christmas season and after Easter. People filled their bowls with these candies and kept it on the table. It is hard to resist after seeing a jar full of these yams.
  • These can also be used in different packages like in a birthday care package, get well care package and game time care, spa, kids package, student, military packages and much more. You can deliver a fabulous package including jelly beans along with another kind of goodies.
  • If you are planning to have a minion theme party. The yellow beans will go well with your minion theme. That will be an additional surprise for your guests.

There are a lot of benefits of jelly beans. Let’s take a look at the benefits:

Flavoring and mixing:

These days jelly beans are widely used in mock tails and cocktails as they give a unique essence and flavor to the drinks. These drinks are served with a bean fixed on the tip of the glass for finishing up the look.

Decorative purposes:

These can be used as a decorative purpose on the cakes and cupcakes. To give a more colorful and tempting look, this can be added to the cake.

Desert bar:

We are all huge fans of dessert bars. To give a rush of bright colors, you can fill the different sized glasses with a variety of jelly beans. It can also be used to display treats like flavor lollies, cake pops, and lollipops.

Ice cream and cookies:

These colorful beans can be added to the cookies and ice cream to enhance the flavor.

Floral arrangement:

Adding these colorful beans to a vase while arranging flowers, will bring color to a tablescape. It will be more catchy for the audience.


For a DIY project in the spring, you can simply take a vase, add jelly beans and place the candle in the middle. This will be the perfect piece for a tablescape.

While playing poker:

They can be used as poker chips because of the wide range of colors.

These tiny morsels are a unique and easy way to showcase your presentation skills as a decorator or cook. These can be used in a variety of ways, such as deserts and dishes. These colorful jelly beans can become a party attraction during lunches and family dinners. This can be an amazing way to get a rainbow theme, as these jellies are available in a variety of amazing colors and flavors.