How To Choose Tiles For Bathroom Installation?

Tile is considered a popular material for renovating or updating a bathroom. They are available in a wide variety and offers benefits like ease of cleaning and waterproofing that guarantees your walls, floors, and tub will last longer. It is important to hire experts, for a bathrooms installation in Milton Keynes.

It is obvious that you can take benefit of bathroom tile only if it is installed properly. Over time, tiles might break or the grouting begins to wear out. If you are opting to install new tiles or simply want to replace the existing material, a tile installation guide is helpful to improve both the functionality and style of the place.

One of the best benefits of tiles is its versatility. In fact, this will enhance the bathroom in a number of ways.

Floor tiling

The main spot to install tiles in the bathroom is on the floor. Installing a tile floor adds elegance as well as functionality. You can opt to go for a simple color or you can also add patterns that will surely enhance the design. But be sure to opt for the tiles that are slip-resistant to avoid mishaps.

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Shower tiling

Another area to install tiles in the shower, it enhances the style and ensures that the actual walls remain safe from water. Installing tile in shower allows you to carry the style of your floor to the shower wall. The major advantage of this material is that it is resistant to water and can easily be cleaned.

Tiling a wall

Of course, tiles are not limited just to the floor or shower wall. This option allows you to get more creative. For instance, you can add a backsplash to the vanity, or create a wall of your favorite color and style that matches your taste.

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Bathtub tiling

How about installing tiles in the bathtub? Surrounding it with tiles similar to the shower will make will bring in sync all the bathroom colors. You can protect your walls by making it water resistant and simultaneously add a style that other options could not provide.

Let’s take a look at the types of bathroom tile:

After deciding where you want to install the tiles, you must pick the materials that are best suited to your requirements. The options have a wide range, but listed below are the commonly used types of bathroom tiles and their  applications:


This is a common type of tile because of its low price and versatility. These tiles work well for showers and tubs because these are water resistant, and can be easily cleaned.

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This tile creates a beautiful, single-colored area, but these are not good for high-traffic areas. Make sure to avoid placing them where they could be easily damaged.

Natural Stone

It looks attractive, but are not resistant to water as other tiles.

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This material might be heavy for some walls, but perfect for a flooring choice. It can also be used to tie bathroom floors to vanity tops.

With the above-mentioned guidelines, you will be able to make the right choice. You can consult professionals on bathrooms installation in Milton Keynes.