Things To Consider While Hiring Professionals For Wall Tiling

If you have the experience to install tiles, you will be able to install new tiles on the wall within a couple of days. But if you do not feel comfortable with the method, you must choose to work with professional service for wall tiling in Milton Keynes.

In that case, you must keep the things listed below in mind:

The cost to install

The cost of working with a professional tile installation contractor varies based on the material you plan to use and the size of the room. A Bathroom floor tile, for instance, will cost you anywhere between $0.99 per square foot if you opt for ceramic) to $4.78 for the same size but with the polished marble.

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Often time the cost of labor also differs. Tiling the floor of a 1320 square foot, for instance, will cost between $1500 and $2500 depending on the contractor you opted for. In general, estimating between $10 and $18 per square foot for a floor installation and $8 to $19 for a wall installation will get you in the right range.

How it affects you?

When professionals will handle the tile installation process means you will not be able to use the bathroom until the execution of the project. Even when the grouting seems dry, make sure not to expose it to water for another 36 hours. Before approaching a professional service, be sure to arrange a place for you and your family where you can use the restroom.

Other considerations

Finally, when you considered installing a tile, Listed below are some considerations you must keep in mind:

 Potential drywall repair

If in case you replace an existing tile, you might find issues with the drywall that also need to be addressed. It would be better to take care of the issue as soon as you discover, this will make the new surface last longer, and prevents further damage.

Moving existing accessories

It depends on how and where your tile, you might have to move accessories and furniture in your bathroom. Make a place before the project starts so that you can move the shower, tub, vanity, etc.


Even the best installation will not be fruitful if you do not get the grout accurate. Acquaint yourself with the practices of grouting, it includes finding the style to match the tiles, grout testing on a sample tile to confirm a good match, and spacing tiles at the right distance to set grout correctly. You need to be acquainted with the method to prevent grout from dying on the tile surface.

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Account for tile repairs

You must always buy extra tiles than you think you will need. During the installation process, some might crack or break, it will need instant replacement. You can also apply the extra thinset to the back of the tile and mildly push it into place. In general, buying 20% more than required is a good rule of thumb.

In the conclusion, replacing existing tiles or installing new ones in your bathroom can uplift the space while at the same time improving its function. Obviously, you have to do it right or you can hire the right professionals for wall tiling in Milton Keynes in order to make sure you can take advantage.