We all have heard the name of tourism and traveling and we all love to travel around the world, but the most important part of traveling is finding a good hotel for staying and having a safe and friendly environment. But due to finding such a hotel can be a hassle, Airbnb was introduced in 2008, which provides you the service for booking the hotel which is the best fit for your needs and under your budget. You do not need to take any stress in finding any hotels and restrooms as you travel, as they will take care of it perfectly.  

What is the use of Airbnb? 

We all love to travel around the world and discover the places we have never been to. That is one of the wishes for all the tourist who loves to travel, but what about the accommodation for resting and eating? That is a major part to consider when you plan to travel. All the tourists wish to travel to places where they can stay for morning and night along with food and service. As finding hotels and rooms are very tiring and exhausting as they need to be searched with good quality of service and safe place to stay, it will consume time for the tourist in searching, it will be a hassle. In this crucial situation, the Airbnb Portland was introduced.

They are just a booking company for tourism who helps to find you the best hotels at a reasonable budget. They do not provide any place itself to stay, but they just book you the hotel and charges money for providing you their service, so that your precious time will be saved and you do not need to take any stress in finding the hotels and restrooms. The concept was very brilliant and it did manage to become very successful over a short period. Due to their unique idea and innovation, their service got expanded all over the world and is today to be considered one of the best service companies for providing tourism their needs and safety with just one call.

How does Airbnb work? 

There are two different ways of how it works.

·        For Rentals and Owners:

The people who have owned a property such as a land or a home that is legally registered and is free or is not in use for a time and is in spare will allow them to create an account from their website and ask them to rent out their property at a fixed given rate. If the offer is accepted, they then further book that property and pay the owner. There are over more than 150 million owners who have rented out their property to them and it was successful and satisfied the owners.

·        For Guest and Tourists:

When it comes to tourists and the general public, to use their service they have to create an account from their website and at under their budget will search for available property from their website. Just like you book a ticket at a given date and price, they also work similarly. You have to book a place where you are going and at what date you will be going and at your preferable budget you will search for it. From the available property if matched with your results you can book it and use it with ease. Once it is accepted, they will pay the company and can use the property at a given period. There are over more than 200 million users who have booked from the company and have been satisfied with their services and hospitality. It is just like a hotel room which eliminates the need to book expensive hotels.

How have Airbnb involved over time and changed the hospitality?

When we talk about hospitality, it surely has been involved and changed over time to time after the introduction of Airbnb Portland. As in earlier years before the invention of the company, the tourist and the general public used to book for the hotels by walking inside the hotels and paying for the rooms to stay. This concept was replaced after the invention of the company which totally changed and involved the hospitality as now to use a guestroom, there is no need to visit and pay the hotels anymore as now there is an evolution of online era which has changed the interference of the customers in every perspective.
To book for the guestroom all you have do is visit the Airbnb official website and enter the details you want to book. If the results are found to be matched with your details, then you can pay online to the company and they will provide you the best guestroom and property for staying under your budget.
However, the real change got from hotels to property. Yes, now there are no hotels to book as the property has replaced it and thus this is how there is a significant change in the evolution of the hospitality after the invention of the company.

What are the rules and regulations for using Airbnb? 

For Guests:

  • As being a guest, you are not allowed to pay until the offer and reservation are accepted by the host. This will allow us to eliminate any miscommunication between the host and the guest.
  • The guest has to agree on the terms and condition that will be made by the host. Such an agreement includes that there should be no damage done to the property during the stay. If any damage is to be found, there will be an extra cost to be added to fix it and it is guest responsibility to make sure they do not harm any of the provided assets.
  • Airbnb has full rights to cancel the booking and to make any changes if needed.

For the Hosts:

  • When it comes to hosting the rules and regulations are kept very simple. It is totally and completely free to ad or posts your property on rent to the company.
  • Before a host can post their ad at the company’s website, it needs to make sure the host has all the required documentation and legally owned property papers before they can rent.
  • The use of pictures is a must in posting the ads for rental homes and accommodation which will be authentic to what it is pictured. If the advertisement is to be found different from what it was pictured, the property will not be allowed and the host will be rejected.
  • There is a must to mention the host’s fixed price for renting their property and the given period of how long they are renting it out. Once they have posted the essential price and date, it cannot be changed. So the details should be entered very accurately.
  • The host has a full right to either accept the offer from the guest or to reject it without being questioned. It is totally on the host for the acceptance of the offer.

Benefits of Using Airbnb:

  • It helps to book the hotels for you which will save your precious time.
  • It will provide you the best hotels under your budget which will fit your needs.
  • They provide you discounts and deals which will benefit you.

Disadvantages of Using Airbnb? 

  • They charge an extra price for providing you with their service which will increase your expense.
  • Due to increased tourism in summer vacations, their helpline and booking services get busy due to overcrowded customers.
  • They do not provide any hotel or place itself, instead they just book the hotels and places for you and that you can do it as well so it’s not very much efficient.