How Pencil Turned into Handmade Jewelry Box?

Art and craft are usually thought unimportant in life, but it is the thing that can create creativity in one's mind. No doubt, creative minds are more valuable than dull ones. So why don't you try to do some creativity? In the present time, handmade items are more in fashion than the other factory-made things. And if you are a jewelry lover and are looking for something to house all of your jewelry items, then this content is going to be highly beneficial for you. A handmade jewelry box is one of the most creative things in fashion today. If you want to have some innovative and stylish jewelry boxes, then stay with us and learn some creative ideas to make some smart and elegant jewelry boxes using the color pencils. 

Artistic Ideas to Make Handmade jewelry box:
When it comes to making creative jewelry boxes, you have unlimited options. You can create an excellent box by yourself using a variety of colored pencils for keeping all of your jewels. So, below is the method or how you can turn pencils into a stunning handmade jewelry box

Things You Will Need:
● Colored Pencils
● Glue
● Butter Paper
● Markers
● Flowers and Stones for Embellishment
● Cardboard (optional)
● Cutter
● Brush
● Studs
● Strings

Method to Make a Handmade jewelry box for Earrings and Rings:

If you are a jewelry lover, then have you ever thought of making a fancy and flashy jewelry box with your own hands? No? Don't worry; we are here to guide you in making a handmade jewelry box
Earrings are one of the essential items in the whole jewelry collection. None can have a complete elegant look without the addition of earrings in your look. After usage, you have to keep them safe in any organizer so that the stones do not get out of their position. 

Take some pencils, no matter if they are colored or not. You need to have approximately ten six to seven pencils for this box. Initially, wrap the pencils in colored paper one by one and close both sides with glue. 

Now take a card paper and place all the pencils on it and stick all pencils with the left and right sides of card paper using glue. But the main point here is that, don't join the pencils entirely with each other. You have to leave a small space so that your earrings get fit in that space. In this way, the fitting tray of handmade jewelry box is ready. Now you have to place it in the handmade box. You can also make the outer box with the help of pencils. Join together ten to twelve pencils for the lower tray and the same number of pencils for forming the upper side. In the next step, a place that already made fitting tray on the lower plate.

Take a measured piece of card and join it with the lower plate. It will work as a connection between both lower and upper trays. A complete box is ready for housing your earrings. These can also be used to keep your rings. If you want to decorate it, then you can use the studs, beads, flowers, strings, or any other such decorative stuff to make it more attractive. 

Method to Make Bangles Holding Box from Pencils:
Bangles are always in fashion, and all women having a collection of jewelry also have an extensive selection of bangles. If these pieces of jewelry give you a gorgeous look with their shine and glow, then you should also keep them safely in proper jewelry organizers so that their glow and shine remain the same. And if we teach you to make a classy handmade jewelry box at your home, then isn't it too good? Your answer will be "Why Not".

For this, you need a box, and that box may be of a shoe or any other such spare box. Colored pencils are also required. Using a few beautiful things will add beauty to it. After having all these things, make exact measurements and make three holes on the left side of the box and three holes on the right side of the box. But make sure that these holes are at the same distance and same angles. Making a jewelry box to hang all of your bangles is so easy and exciting. 

Following this, the exciting method will not just save your money but will also make you more creative. Now take the pencils and pass them from one hole from the left side and let it pass through the box from the right side. These pencils will be used as a stand for holding your bangles. Now you will not need to spend much on the expensive bangles holders as you have made a smart handmade jewelry box at your home for holding the collection of bangles. 

Gift For Your Loved Ones:
This handmade jewelry box can be utilized as a gift for your loved ones on their special days. This will add more love to the present as it would be made with your own hands. So make an attractive jewelry box with the method mentioned above and impress your sisters, friends, and all the family friends. 

With all the ideas discussed earlier and the methods available, why would you prefer to go out and spend money on buying an expensive jewelry box? Follow the above steps and give your inner artist a chance to make unique and embellished jewelry organizers for yourself as well as your family members.