Is mental toughness an addiction or motivation?

What is the purpose of mental toughness?
When we talk about the purpose of mental toughness, it helps to boost our self-confidence and focus by which it improves our efficiency. It helps to carry out work effectively and efficiently. It has an essential purpose to enhance our flexibility and ability to perform better. 

Is mental toughness considered as an addiction or motivation?
It is a very complex phenomenon to understand due to the nonexistent and intangible nature it has. Research states that mental toughness is regardless considered as motivation because it increases the determination and remains consistent. As a matter of fact, for sure, it is regarded as motivation because it makes us challenge ourselves to reach our goals that are characteristics of motivation. 

How does mental toughness help in motivation?
When we talk about motivation, mental toughness is the critical factor and main priority to focus. It helps to boost motivation mentally and physically, which will increase the motivation level. The central ideology is to increase motivation by being mentally tough. If a person is mentally tough, then they will carry out the task efficiently and effectively. To perform better, motivation is the main factor involved in it. If a person has a lack of motivation, then they will never be able to perform better, and it will result in a decrease in performance

Why is mental toughness required in motivation?
The main reason why mental toughness required in motivation is that it adds a purpose to achieve goals and aims. Motivation involves a lot of hard work and dedication, which many people often fail to remain consistent and constant. Those people who are mentally tough are regular and have a higher motivation level, which helps them to achieve their aims and goals. It is important to remain mentally tough to be successful and perform better. A lack of motivation will always result in lower motivation, which will result in hinder to achieve goals and aims. It is required to remain mentally tough to increase the motivation level. 

What are the benefits of motivation?

·      It helps to increase dedication
As dedication is an essential factor to perform better, it is necessary to remain dedicated to achieve aims and goals. 

·      It increases self-challenging
When we start to challenge ourselves, we create a mental toughness to get out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves, which will help to find a new path and potential.  

·      Improvement in efficiency and effectiveness 
When motivation increases, it helps to improve our efficiency and effectiveness, which allows us to carry out tasks accurately with less wastage of resources. 

·      It highlights a clear picture of aims and goals 
In motivation, it underscores our goals and aims that we need to achieve to succeed.

·      It gives a sense of direction to work on 
 With the help of motivation, it will help to provide us with a path that we need to work on and improve ourselves. 

After reviewing a full summary, I would like to suggest that mental toughness surely is considered as motivation because it helps to improve our motivator drivers, which helps to perform better and to carry out the task efficiently and effectively.