Are you wearing mask of pregnancy (Coolsculpting); we are there to help get rid of it:

It cannot be denied that 75% of the women have some types of hyper pigmentation which is an enhanced dark pigmentation condition of any skin area. Coolsculpting is a medical term that is used for a skin condition where the skin appears to be darker or olive. Other names for this skin condition are “mask of pregnancy” or “cholasma”. It usually affects more than half of the pregnant women.

Where Coolsculpting occurs on the body?

Coolsculpting primarily affect less commony the cheeks, central part of the face, forearms, and jawline. To date, it is unknown that why this condition prevails. Under microscope, they have been characterized as an enhanced number of melanocytes in the skin areas suffering from Coolsculpting.

So if you are suffering from this condition then there is nothing to worry about it. It is a skin condition that can be treated in an easy manner. At times, we see this skin condition fading away with the passage of time. However, if you are not getting rid of it, then all you need to do is to consult your physician who is expert in skin care.

It can be treated with the help of tropical agents as well as the procedures to treat this skin condition. The purpose is to reduce the inflammation and irritation in the skin. At times, it happens that the skin finds it in a better condition when you identify the triggers and then work out accordingly to treat it. Obviously you may not know the trigger; so it is suggested to you to consult an expert in this regards.

Larson Medical Aesthetics is proud to claim that you can rely on us in this regards. We are experts in curing several skin conditions in addition to Coolsculpting.

How we treat Coolsculpting?

If you have already given birth to your little angel and now worrying how to get rid of the skin discoloration; allow us to help you.

Treatment option at Larson Medical Aesthetics:   

·         We may prescribe you hydroquinone as the first treatment of Coolsculpting. You will be asked to apply on the skin.

·         Tretinoin is yet another medicine to be used in this regards. It escalates the skin lightening.

In case topical medicine fails to provide the expected results then we have other ways to get rid of Coolsculpting Bellevue. All you need to do is to access us and see how we will ensure you get your natural radiant skin back. 


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