How to buy best red dot sight for shotgun?

The first step to buying a red dot sight is knowing what exactly is a red dot? A red dot is equipment applied on firearms such as shotguns, rifles and pistols for the purpose that it’s LED targeting gives you a better chance at improving your accuracy and make you a professional. If you’re not equipped with this knowledge, it might be hard choosing a red dot sight for your shotgun as a beginner with the unlimited choices between different features of each red dot and your indecisiveness on which one to choose. Here’s a guide to help you buy the best red dot sight for shotguns.

·         Aimpoint Micro T-2 2 MOA Sight:

The lens of this red dot is designed in such a way that they allow maximum entrance of light for better usage. There is also a cover on the lens that prevents any scratching on the surface of the lens. This red dot is fully protected from all sides with its front and rear fli-up lens as well as a turret that allows a more vigorous shooting. The Aimpoint Micro comes with four different night visions as well as eight daylight settings to ensure the best functionality.

·         Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Rifle Sight:

The Bushnell makes it to the list of best red dots for shotgun due to its extensive features. For starters, it comes with eleven different brightness settings that can help you change the brightness according to your conditions. Its high quality aluminum alloy makes it resistant and gives it an extra longevity due to its resistance to scratches and weather related turmoil. Its battery life makes it last a longer period of time and the outer camouflage design gives it a style outlook.

·         BSA 30mm Red Dot Scope with 5 MOA:

Firstly, as the name suggests the BSA is upgraded with a red dot reticle that is 5 MOA illuminated. Once again, this gives it the benefit of eleven brightness settings that you can change with your needs. It gives you the wide range you’ll need to practice your skills alongside eye relief as well. It carries an objective len that goes up to 30 mm and a parallax correction of up to 50 yards. Lastly, its standard 3 volt aluminum battery goes a long way for an extended battery life.

·         Field Sport Red and Green Reflex Sight with 4 Reticles:

This red dot comes with the resistance of being both waterproof and shockproof which makes it take up its position on the list of best red dots for shotguns due to the ability to use it under rough conditions. Moreover, its light weight makes it easier to equip and carry around with you. The four reticles of this red dot help you adjust the brightness levels and even take up shooting for moving targets. Another perk is that you can set its settings such as the distance and focus of the red dot without putting pressure on your eye sight.