Custom Hemp Boxes demand on the rise

Lately, the demand for custom hemp boxes has been on the rise. We used hemp in countless products that require packaging. There are several facts about hemp that individuals are unaware of. This plant is very productive and produces a high yield. With the hemp industry rapidly growing in America, the demand for custom hemp boxes is growing too. One acre of hemp production is three times the production of cotton in the same area. It is one plant can grow in all the states of America. This plant is getting ready for reaping in two to three months. They used it in producing fiberboards that are stronger but lighter than wood. Did you know that the U.S. Constitution was written on paper manufactured from hemp? Although closely related to marijuana, hemp does not contain a psychoactive element called THC.

Hemp Boxes in the USA come in all sizes according to the products packed inside. They packed the seeds from hemp in small boxes. It opened these boxes from corners to provide ease of use to the customer. It is easy for customers to keep these products in their bags and sprinkle seeds on their food. We display smaller boxes of hemp on the counters near the exit of the retails. The companies individually packed these SKUs and displayed them using counter or shelf boxes. It prevents the smaller products from getting lost. Green hemp companies are using Kraft boxes for their products. This option helps approved greener packaging options to their customers. 

The types of printed hemp boxes

Hemp contains a chemical called GLA - Gamma Linolenic Acid. There are many health benefits associated with this chemical. Printed hemp boxes differ from one product to another. The hemp seeds custom box will be different in look, layout, and design from the boxes, which package hemp-based energy drinks. The hemp packaging boxes for energy drinks will most likely be like traditional energy drinks packaging. However, the branding themes and visual content printed on these boxes will focus on hemp themes. These boxes will include printed information related to the products about;

1. Specific percent of hemp ingested per bottle

2. Expiry date

3. Company branding

4. Ingredients’ list

5. Company postal address

6. Company online information etc.

One of the most in-demand products is hemp oil which comes in cardboard-based hemp packaging boxes. This product offers countless benefits for its users. Firstly most individuals apply it topically on their skin and hair. It cures dryness and irritation on the skin right away. However, it is essential to note that natural chemicals react differently on different individuals. It is vital for individuals using this oil to do a patch test first. The hemp oil can be mixed with other essential oils or applied directly according to user preferences.

When using it directly on the skin, a small amount must be taken and applied. It is preferable to cover this spot with a loose bandage for up to twenty-four hours and avoid touching it. They must keep it dry. Once removed, we must wash right away the skin. For acne treatment, it applies hemp oil to clean skin. The oil must not be allowed to remain on the skin for over two minutes and washed with warm water.

Custom Hemp Boxes for differentiating the products

As countless companies are now producing hemp-based products, there is market saturation of products in the online and offline markets. All such products come in custom hemp boxes printed in unique branding themes to give them a distinct look. It helps the customers distinguish the products of one company from the other and memorize them. For impressive options in help, boxes get in touch with ClipnBox.


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