Fun facts about candles and custom candle boxes

Ancient civilizations already invented the exclusive candles that come in custom candle boxes. In fact, five hundred years before the birth of Christ, they were being used by the Romans to honor a goddess. They used animal fat to make and burn candles every sixth day of the lunar month. No matter how fancy your candles are, the first time it light requires special attention. You might not want to burn the premium candles you got in their custom candle boxes for long hours but, it is important to burn them long enough so that the top layer of wax becomes liquid. This way, they will always burn equally, whenever they are lighted. The time required for this depends on the size of the candles. Americans love their candles. According to one study, on average every person who buys a candle uses it within a week of their purchase.

Candle Boxes

Sometimes, when I am shopping for candles and look at the wonderful people around me searching for the candles that they like best, I wonder if they know that we stole them during famines. Well, yes! In ancient times they were made from natural wax or beef fat. During the scarcity of food, humans ate the candles. The hungry often ended up stealing them. Of course, if you look at the ingredients list printed on the custom candle packaging you would realize that the candle of modern times is not fit for consumption as food. I wonder why don’t they add a candle snuffer in the custom cardboard packaging for candles. Ideally, it should be the only tool and way to blow out a candle.

Custom Candle Rigid Boxes

Blowing on a candle can result in creating smoke and soot and blowing scalding hot wax on something or someone. A snuffer, on the other hand, deprives the wick of oxygen and kills the flame easily. I think it should be a part of all custom cardboard packaging for candles and not just the custom candle rigid boxes. I once bought a premium candle that came in a custom rigid box with a candle snuffer, which I still use. Those who buy candles in a jar can blow out candles simply by covering their jars. One of the most absurd things that I have heard in a while is that freezing the candles will increase their burning hours. Or that it will increase the shelf life of candles.

No! In fact, custom cardboard packaging used for candles ensures that candles do not get affected by the freezing temperatures as it results in cracking the wax. The cracked wax almost always damages the candles. The custom cardboard boxes for candles protect the candles from;

1. Temperature extremities

2. Moisture

3. Dust

4. Impacts etc.

Candle Boxes for Sale at ClipnBox

As I look at the countless candle boxes for sale at a candle retail outlet, I am forced to think about the times when electricity was not yet invented. In these times, we hung a chandelier from ceilings to which numerous candles could be added. In the middle ages, it used tallow for making candles. We have even made them out of fish oil, whale fat, and even insects. But those days are over now. We made the candles of modern times from a variety of materials. They are used for purposes other than lighting up a room. As I read the labels on the candle boxes for sale, I realized that there are candles available to get rid of pet smells. 

Candles are an instant tool for lighting up a room and add cheeriness and warmth to it. It remains a popular gift in America that can be presented at occasions like anniversaries, graduation, dinners, etc. If you are a candle brand seeking customization tools for your candle packaging boxes, get in touch with ClipnBox right away.


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