How to Overcoming Dentophobia Using the Best Pediatrician in Dubai

If the thought of going to the dentist makes you feel fear and prevents you from getting the teeth cleaned or even filling the cavity you suspect, Do not fret because you're not all alone! Many people, kids and adults, suffer from an unfounded fear of going to their dentists, not even for their regular cleaning. The term dentophobia knows it or Odontophobia. over 60 per cent of dental patients are found to be suffering from it, even patients who come to us. And that's the most fantastic aspect. Despite the stress and anxiety, patients come to our office knowing that they'll be taken care of by experts who have seen many cases of dentophobia and assist them in overcoming the issue.

Do You Have Concerns about your Dentophobia?

Yes, however, only if your dental fear hinders you from getting the care you need. Our principal dentist in the UAE, Dr Yasmin, recommends that patients take the initiative to conquer their fears of going to the dentist to ensure that their health isn't affected.

Dentophobia, though seeming harmless for a short period but can cause serious health problems for the mouth in the long run if it persists. In most cases, this phobia causes patients to avoid visits to their dentist for long durations of time, and the overall health of patients suffers as a consequence. In addition, the absence of regular dental visits increases the risk of gum disease, tooth decay, cavities and more. Unfortunately, these issues become worse with time and are neglected, leading to costly dental treatment in the future.

Dentophobia patients, therefore, will only put off going to the dentist. They will eventually face their fears once their dental health is declining rapidly. However, this makes going to the dentist just a bit more challenging than it is already.

The truth is that our dentist clinic located situated in UAE has set out to fight dentophobia and help patients overcome their anxieties.

The causes and types of Dentophobia

The first step in dealing with your fear of dentophobia is to know the reasons behind it and identify the kind of dentophobia you suffer from. But, first, let us go over the various causes of dentophobia:

·    Experiences in the past that were negative with dentists are the primary basis for dentophobia. Children are more at risk of developing a severe fear of dentists following an unpleasant experience. This fear persists into adult lives. MyPediaclinic's team of dentists at our top dentistry clinic within the UAE will ensure that every patient in our dental clinic has an enjoyable, pleasant and pleasant experience. We make sure that you and your children do not experience negative experiences that could result in dental fear.

·    Dentophobia can be caused by the fear of sounds created by dental tools. In this instance, the thought of these tools could trigger dentophobia. Our equipment is state-of-the-art, and our staff is pediatric specialists to ensure that your child's experience is customized to your child's unique developmental requirements.

Dentophobia can manifest in different ways, including:

·    Fear of dental office entails anxiety over the experience of visiting the dentist. In this instance, the patient is scared of the sights, sounds, and smells they encounter in the dental office.

·    The fear of dentists is another form of dentophobia. It is anxiety about the person who performs the dentist's procedures, i.e. the dentist.

·    Fear of discomfort experienced in dental procedures is also a form of dentophobia. In this instance, patients are conditioned to feel pain during their visit to the dentist. It is usually absurd and unfounded, which is why they classify this anxiety as dentophobia.

·    A fear of needles is present in a lot of medical patients. Patients who suffer from this fear are often afraid of being too hands at the dentist.

·    Fear of Gagging is a kind of dentophobia in which the sufferer is battling the fear of choke. They try to keep their mouths closed for a long time and don't want to have something stuck inside their mouths.

We are specialized in treating patients with Dentophobia.

Whatever the nature of the cause, regardless of the cause or type, it must be dealt with promptly. The key to overcome dental fear is for the dentists as well as patients to collaborate. MyPediaclinic takes our role to ensure that patients are safe and relaxed during their visit to our dental practice in Dubai severe. Our team, headed by Dr Yasmin, one of the most renowned dentists in the UAE and is always working to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort for your visit. Our family dentist will work with you to discover your anxieties and fears and devise the best solutions to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

There are many ways to reduce your fear of dentures and make your visits to the dentist more comfortable. We suggest these:

·    Schedule an initial consultation. It is not necessary to start your dental treatment immediately. First, you can make an appointment with your dentist to discuss the remedies needed, visit the clinic and get any concerns addressed. Inform your dentist of any anxieties you or your child has and collaborate with them to determine the most effective way to deal with the fears. We're all in this together!

·    Bring an adult from your family with you: A family member or even a companion by the side of you when you visit the dentist can give you a sense of comfort and relaxation.

·    Inform your dentist You may call your dentist to notify them that you're in discomfort during treatment.

·    Listen to your favourite music or view YouTube YouTube: Yes, you can take headphones to listen to your music or stream something while sitting back and relaxing.

·    Make yourself vulnerable Like other fears, the first step to overcome dentophobia entirely is to be open to the sensation. Start by visiting our dental office without treatment. Be familiar with the setting. After that, increase the frequency, and then start making appointments for routine treatments and dental exams. Exposure therapy of sort has been to be beneficial for a large number of patients.