What Size Shower Enclosure Do I Need

If you're planning to install a new shower enclosure in your bathroom, you must determine what size you'll need. The length and width of your space will dictate the size of the door you'll need. You'll also need to consider the layout of your room. For a better idea, create a scaled floor plan. This will help you envision how much space you'll need. Having this information in hand will make the buying process easier.

Shower Enclosure

Once you've determined the length and width of your space, you can choose the right size shower enclosure. While most standard shower enclosures are 800x800mm, you may also need a 900x900mm enclosure to accommodate a larger space. The most common sizes are 900x900mm and 1200x800mm. Bespoke sizing will require specialist manufacturing and may be out of the ordinary for you. Remember to make sure that your shower doesn't overcrowd the space in your bathroom. This can lead to an uncomfortable feeling and make it difficult to get in and out of the shower.

When deciding what size shower enclosure you need, it's important to keep in mind the layout of your bathroom and other bathroom fittings. If you want a spacious shower, consider installing it on one wall and leaving the rest of the bathroom open for the bathtub. You can make the shower a center feature in the room by installing it in the middle. Or you can use a recessed shower that doesn't have a door.

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